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  • Total Oxidizable Precursors Assay for PFAS in Human Serum 

    Cioni, Lara; Nikiforov, Vladimir; Miranda Fernandes Coelho, Ana Carolina; Sandanger, Torkjel M; Herzke, Dorte (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of chemicals including over 4700 substances. As a limited number of PFAS is routinely analyzed in human serum, complementary analytical methods are required to ...
  • Monitoring of greenhouse gases and aerosols at Svalbard and Birkenes in 2021. Annual report. 

    Myhre, Cathrine Lund; Svendby, Tove Marit; Hermansen, Ove; Lunder, Chris Rene; Platt, Stephen Matthew; Fiebig, Markus; Fjæraa, Ann Mari; Hansen, Georg H.; Schmidbauer, Norbert; Stebel, Kerstin (NILU report;28/2022, Research report, 2022)
    This annual report for 2021 summarizes the activities and results of the greenhouse gas monitoring at the Zeppelin Observatory, situated on Svalbard, during the period 2001-2021, and the greenhouse gas monitoring and aerosol ...
  • An In Vitro Dosimetry Tool for the Numerical Transport Modeling of Engineered Nanomaterials Powered by the Enalos RiskGONE Cloud Platform 

    Cheimarios, Nikolaos; Pem, Barbara; Tsoumanis, Andreas; Ilic, Krunoslav; Vrček, Ivana Vinković; Melagraki, Georgia; Bitounis, Dimitrios; Isigonis, Panagiotis; Dusinska, Maria; Lynch, Iseult; Demokritou, Philip; Afantitis, Antreas (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    A freely available “in vitro dosimetry” web application is presented enabling users to predict the concentration of nanomaterials reaching the cell surface, and therefore available for attachment and internalization, from ...
  • The impact of climate sensitive factors on the exposure to organohalogenated contaminants in an aquatic bird exploiting both marine and freshwater habitats 

    Bustnes, Jan Ove; Bårdsen, Bård-Jørgen; Herzke, Dorte; Bangjord, Georg; Bollinger, Eric; Bourgeon, Sophie; Schulz, Ralf; Fritsch, Clémentine; Eulaers, Igor (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    To assess how climate-sensitive factors may affect the exposure to organochlorines (OCs) and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), we monitored concentrations in eggs of the common goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) over two ...
  • Plastic burdens in northern fulmars from Svalbard: Looking back 25 years 

    Collard, France; Bangjord, Georg; Herzke, Dorte; Gabrielsen, Geir Wing (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    The northern fulmar Fulmarus glacialis ingests a larger number of (micro)plastics than many other seabirds due to its feeding habits and gut morphology. Since 2002, they are bioindicators of marine plastics in the North ...

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