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  • Magnitude and Uncertainty of Nitrous Oxide Emissions From North America Based on Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approaches: Informing Future Research and National Inventories 

    Xu, Rongting; Tian, Hanqin; Pan, N.; Thompson, Rona Louise; Canadell, Josep G.; Davidson, Eric A.; Nevison, Cynthia; Winiwarter, Wilfried; Shi, H.; Pan, Shufen; Chang, J.; Ciais, Philippe; Dangal, Shree R. S.; Ito, Akihiko; Jackson, Robert B.; Joos, Fortunat; Lauerwald, Ronny; Lienert, Sebastian; Maavara, Taylor; Millet, Dylan B.; Raymond, Peter A.; Regnier, P.; Tubiello, Francesco N; Vuichard, Nicolas; Wells, Kelley C.; Wilson, Chris; Yang, J.; Yao, Y; Zaehle, Sönke; Zhou, Feng (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    We synthesized N2O emissions over North America using 17 bottom-up (BU) estimates from 1980–2016 and five top-down (TD) estimates from 1998 to 2016. The BU-based total emission shows a slight increase owing to U.S. ...
  • Seasonality of the particle number concentration and size distribution: a global analysis retrieved from the network of Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) near-surface observatories 

    Rose, Clemence; Coen, Martine Collaud; Andrews, Elisabeth; Lin, Yong; Bossert, Isaline; Myhre, Cathrine Lund; Tuch, Thomas; Wiedensohler, Alfred; Fiebig, Markus; Aalto, Pasi; Alastuey, Andrés; Alonso-Blanco, Elisabeth; Andrade, Marcos; Artiñano, Begoña; Arsov, Todor; Baltensprenger, Urs; Bastian, Susanne; Bath, Olaf; Beukes, Johan Paul; Brem, Benjamin T.; Bukowiecki, Nicolas; Casquero-Vera, Juan Andres; Conil, Sébastien; Eleftheriadis, Konstantinos; Favez, Olivier; Flentje, Harald; Gini, Maria I.; Gómez-Moreno, Francisco Javier; Gysel-Beer, Martin; Hallar, Anna Gannet; Kalapov, Ivo; Kalivitis, Nikos; Kasper-Giebl, Anne; Keywood, Melita; Kim, Jeong Eun; Kim, Sang-Woo; Kristensson, Adam; Kulmala, Markku; Lihavainen, Heikki; Lin, Neng-Huei; Lyamani, Hassan; Marinoni, Angela; Dos Santos, Sebastiao Martins; Mayol-Bracero, Olga; Meinhardt, Frank; Merkel, Maik; Metzger, Jean-Marc; Mihalopoulos, Nikolaos; Ondráček, Jakub; Pandolfi, Marco; Pérez, Noemi; Petäjä, Tuukka; Petit, Jean-Eudes; Picard, David; Pichon, Jean-Marc; Pont, Veronique; Putaud, Jean-Philippe; Reisen, Fabienne; Sellegri, Karine; Sharma, Sangeeta; Schauer, Gerhard; Sheridan, Patrick; Sherman, James Patrick; Schwerin, Andreas; Sohmer, Ralf; Sorribas, Mar; Sun, Junying; Tulet, Pierre; Vakkari, Ville; van Zyl, Pieter Gideon; Velarde, Fernando; Villani, Paolo; Vratolis, Stergios; Wagner, Zdenek; Wang, Sheng-Hsiang; Weinhold, Kay; Weller, Rolf; Yela, Margarita; Ždímal, Vladimir; Laj, Paolo G. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Aerosol particles are a complex component of the atmospheric system which influence climate directly by interacting with solar radiation, and indirectly by contributing to cloud formation. The variety of their sources, as ...
  • Kartlegging av ventilasjonstårnenes evne til å redusere forurensning fra dagsonen. Måling av luftforurensning i E18 Operatunnelen og forslag til nytt styringsregime for ventilasjonstårnene. 

    Hak, Claudia; Antonsen, Ørjan; Wessel, Martine; Vogt, Matthias; Nilsen, Anne-Cathrine (NILU rapport;30/2021, Research report, 2021)
    NILU – Norsk institutt for luftforskning og Ingenia AS har på oppdrag fra Statens vegvesen kartlagt effekten ventilasjonstårnene i Ekeberg- og Bjørvikatunnelen har med hensyn til å redusere luftforurensning fra dagsonen ...
  • Evaluation of novel cleaning systems on mock-ups of unvarnished oil paint and chalk-glue ground within the Munch Aula Paintings Project 

    Stoveland, Lena Porsmo; Frøysaker, Tine; Stols-Witlox, Maartje; Grøntoft, Terje; Steindal, Calin Constantin; Madden, Odile; Ormsby, Bronwyn (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Low-risk removal of embedded surface soiling on delicate heritage objects can require novel alternatives to traditional cleaning systems. Edvard Munch’s monumental Aula paintings (1911–16) have a long history of exposure ...
  • Impact of Eurasian autumn snow on the winter North Atlantic Oscillation in seasonal forecasts of the 20th century 

    Wegmann, Martin; Orsolini, Yvan J.; Weisheimer, Antje; Van Den Hurk, Bart; Lohmann, Gerrit (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    As the leading climate mode of wintertime climate variability over Europe, the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) has been extensively studied over the last decades. Recently, studies highlighted the state of the Eurasian ...

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