• Altitude-temporal behaviour of atmospheric ozone, temperature and wind velocity observed at Svalbard 

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    • Differentiation of coarse-mode anthropogenic, marine and dust particles in the High Arctic islands of Svalbard 

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      Understanding aerosol–cloud–climate interactions in the Arctic is key to predicting the climate in this rapidly changing region. Whilst many studies have focused on submicrometer aerosol (diameter less than 1 µm), relatively ...
    • Diurnal cycle of iodine, bromine, and mercury concentrations in Svalbard surface snow 

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      Sunlit snow is highly photochemically active and plays a key role in the exchange of gas phase species between the cryosphere and the atmosphere. Here, we investigate the behaviour of two selected species in surface snow: ...
    • Nitrate dry deposition in Svalbard 

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      Arctic regions are generally nutrient limited, receiving an extensive part of their bio-available nitrogen from the deposition of atmospheric reactive nitrogen. Reactive nitrogen oxides, as nitric acid (HNO3) and nitrate ...
    • Study of Chemical and Optical Properties of Biomass Burning Aerosols during Long-Range Transport Events toward the Arctic in Summer 2017 

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      Biomass burning related aerosol episodes are becoming a serious threat to the radiative balance of the Arctic region. Since early July 2017 intense wildfires were recorded between August and September in Canada and Greenland, ...