• A new aerosol wet removal scheme for the Lagrangian particle model FLEXPART v10 

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    • The Community Inversion Framework v1.0: a unified system for atmospheric inversion studies 

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      Atmospheric inversion approaches are expected to play a critical role in future observation-based monitoring systems for surface fluxes of greenhouse gases (GHGs), pollutants and other trace gases. In the past decade, the ...
    • The consolidated European synthesis of CH4 and N2O emissions for the European Union and United Kingdom: 1990–2017 

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      Reliable quantification of the sources and sinks of greenhouse gases, together with trends and uncertainties, is essential to monitoring the progress in mitigating anthropogenic emissions under the Paris Agreement. This ...
    • Effects of extreme meteorological conditions in 2018 on European methane emissions estimated using atmospheric inversions 

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      The effect of the 2018 extreme meteorological conditions in Europe on methane (CH4) emissions is examined using estimates from four atmospheric inversions calculated for the period 2005–2018. For most of Europe, we find ...
    • Impact of dust deposition on the albedo of Vatnajökull ice cap, Iceland 

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    • Mineral dust instantaneous radiative forcing in the Arctic 

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    • The Monitoring Nitrous Oxide Sources (MIN2OS) satellite project 

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      The Monitoring Nitrous Oxide Sources (MIN2OS) satellite project aims at monitoring global-scale nitrous oxide (N2O) sources by retrieving N2O surface fluxes from the inversion of space-borne N2O measurements that are ...
    • Monitoring of long-range transported air pollutants in Norway. Annual Report 2020. 

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      This report presents results from the monitoring of atmospheric composition and deposition of air pollution in 2020, and focuses on main components in air and precipitation, particulate and gaseous phase of inorganic ...
    • Sources and fate of atmospheric microplastics revealed from inverse and dispersion modelling: From global emissions to deposition 

      Evangeliou, Nikolaos; Tichý, Ondřej; Eckhardt, Sabine; Zwaaftink, Christine Groot; Brahney, Janice (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      We combine observations from Western USA and inverse modelling to constrain global atmospheric emissions of microplastics (MPs) and microfibers (MFs). The latter are used further to model their global atmospheric dynamics. ...
    • Substantial contribution of northern high-latitude sources to mineral dust in the Arctic. 

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    • Temporal and spatial variability of Icelandic dust emissions and atmospheric transport 

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    • The Lagrangian particle dispersion model FLEXPART version 10.4 

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      The Lagrangian particle dispersion model FLEXPART in its original version in the mid-1990s was designed for calculating the long-range and mesoscale dispersion of hazardous substances from point sources, such as those ...
    • Three-dimensional methane distribution simulated with FLEXPART 8-CTM-1.1 constrained with observation data 

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      A Lagrangian particle dispersion model, the FLEXible PARTicle dispersion chemical transport model (FLEXPART CTM), is used to simulate global three-dimensional fields of trace gas abundance. These fields are constrained ...
    • What caused a record high PM10 episode in northern Europe in October 2020? 

      Zwaaftink, Christine Groot; Aas, Wenche; Eckhardt, Sabine; Evangeliou, Nikolaos; Hamer, Paul David; Johnsrud, Mona; Kylling, Arve; Platt, Stephen Matthew; Stebel, Kerstin; Uggerud, Hilde Thelle; Yttri, Karl Espen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      In early October 2020, northern Europe experienced an episode with poor air quality due to high concentrations of particulate matter (PM). At several sites in Norway, recorded weekly values exceeded historical maximum PM10 ...