• The fingerprint of the summer 2018 drought in Europe on ground-based atmospheric CO2 measurements 

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      During the summer of 2018, a widespread drought developed over Northern and Central Europe. The increase in temperature and the reduction of soil moisture have influenced carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange between the atmosphere ...
    • Global and regional emission estimates for HCFC-22 

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    • Global and regional emissions estimates of 1,1-difluoroethane (HFC-152a, CH3CHF2) from in situ and air archive observations. 

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    • Global emissions of HFC-143a (CH3CF3) and HFC-32 (CH2F2) from in situ and air archive atmospheric observations 

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    • Global HCFC-22 measurements with MIPAS: retrieval, validation, global distribution and its evolution over 2005–2012. 

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    • Growing Atmospheric Emissions of Sulfuryl Fluoride 

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      The potent greenhouse gas sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2) is increasingly used as a fumigant, replacing methyl bromide, whose structural and soil fumigation uses have been phased out under the Montreal Protocol. We use measurements ...
    • Top-down estimates of European CH4 and N2O emissions based on four different inverse models 

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    • TransCom N2O model inter-comparison – Part 1: Assessing the influence of transport and surface fluxes on tropospheric N2O variability 

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