• Monitoring of long-range transported air pollutants in Norway. Annual report 2018. 

    Aas, Wenche; Fiebig, Markus; Solberg, Sverre; Yttri, Karl Espen (NILU report;8/2019, Research report, 2019)
    This report presents results from the monitoring of atmospheric composition and deposition of air pollution in 2018, and focuses on main components in air and precipitation, particulate and gaseous phase of inorganic ...
  • Air Quality in Ny-Ålesund. Monitoring of Local Air Quality 2018. 

    Johnsrud, Mona; Hermansen, Ove; Krejci, Radovan; Tørnkvist, Kjersti (NILU report;21/2019, Research report, 2019)
    The concentrations of the measured components are generally low and below national limit values for the protection of human health and critical levels for the protection of vegetation. Wind from northern sectors gave the ...
  • Data Report 2017. Particulate matter, carbonaceous and inorganic compounds. 

    Hjellbrekke, Anne-Gunn (EMEP/CCC-Report;1/2019, Research report, 2019)
  • Integrated exposure assessment of northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) nestlings to legacy and emerging organic pollutants using non-destructive samples 

    Briels, Nathalie; Torgersen, Lene Norstrand; Castaño-Ortiz, Jose M.; Løseth, Mari Engvig; Herzke, Dorte; Nygård, Torgeir; Bustnes, Jan Ove; Ciesielski, Tomasz Maciej; Poma, Giulia; Malarvannan, Govindan; Covaci, Adrian; Jaspers, Veerle (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    In the present study, concentrations of legacy and emerging contaminants were determined in three non-destructive matrices (plasma, preen oil and body feathers) of northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) nestlings. Persistent ...
  • Perfluorocyclobutane (PFC-318, c-C4F8) in the global atmosphere 

    Mühle, Jens; Trudinger, Cathy; Western, Luke M.; Rigby, Matthew; Vollmer, Martin K.; Park, Sunyoung; Manning, Alistair J.; Say, Daniel; Ganesan, Anita; Steele, L. Paul; Ivy, Diane J.; Arnold, Tim; Li, Shanlan; Stohl, Andreas; Harth, Christina M.; Salameh, Peter K.; McCulloch, Archie; O'Doherty, Simon; Park, Mi-Kyung; Jo, Chun Ok; Young, Dickon; Stanley, Kieran; Krummel, Paul B.; Mitrevski, Blagoj; Hermansen, Ove; Lunder, Chris Rene; Evangeliou, Nikolaos; Yao, Bo; Kim, Jooil; Hmiel, Benjamin; Buizert, Christo; Petrenko, Vasilii V.; Arduini, Jgor; Maione, Michela; Etheridge, David M.; Michalopoulou, Eleni; Czerniak, Mike; Severinghaus, Jeffrey P.; Reimann, Stefan; Simmonds, Peter G.; Fraser, Paul J.; Prinn, Ronald G.; Weiss, Ray F. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    We reconstruct atmospheric abundances of the potent greenhouse gas c-C4F8 (perfluorocyclobutane, perfluorocarbon PFC-318) from measurements of in situ, archived, firn, and aircraft air samples with precisions of ∼1 %–2 % ...

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