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  • Environmental pollutants in the terrestrial and urban environment 2020 

    Heimstad, Eldbjørg Sofie; Moe, Børge; Nygård, Torgeir; Herzke, Dorte; Bohlin-Nizzetto, Pernilla (NILU report;20/2021, Research report, 2021)
    Samples from the urban terrestrial environment in the Oslo area were analysed for metals and a large number of organic environmental pollutants. The selected species were earthworm, fieldfare, tawny owl, red fox and brown ...
  • Historical dry deposition of air pollution in the urban background in Oslo, Norway, compared to Western European data 

    Grøntoft, Terje (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    The historical (1835–2020) dry deposition of major air pollutants (SO2, NOx, O3 and PM2.5) in the urban background in Oslo, Norway, in a situation that could represent the building facades, was approximated from reported ...
  • The Role of Nature-Based Solutions for Improving Environmental Quality, Health and Well-Being 

    Liu, Hai Ying; Jay, Marion; Chen, Xianwen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Nature-based solutions (NbS) have been positioned and implemented in urban areas as solutions for enhancing urban resilience in the face of a wide range of urban challenges. However, there is a lack of recommendations of ...
  • Large Circulation Patterns Strongly Modulate Long-Term Variability of Arctic Black Carbon Levels and Areas of Origin 

    Stathopoulos, Vasileios; Evangeliou, Nikolaos; Stohl, Andreas; Vratolis, Stergios; Matsoukas, Christos; Eleftheriadis, Konstantinos (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    Black Carbon (BC) aerosol is a major climate forcer in the Arctic. Here, we present 15 years (2001–2015) of surface observations of the aerosol absorption coefficient babs (corresponding to Equivalent BC), obtained at the ...
  • The Monitoring Nitrous Oxide Sources (MIN2OS) satellite project 

    Ricaud, Philippe; Attié, Jean-Luc; Chalinel, Rémi; Pasternak, Frédérick; Léonard, Joël; Pison, Isabelle; Pattey, Elizabeth; Thompson, Rona Louise; Zelinger, Zdenek; Lelieveld, Jos; Sciare, Jean; Saitoh, Naoko; Warner, Juying; Fortems-Cheiney, Audrey; Reynal, Hélène; Vidot, Jérôme; Brooker, Laure; Berdeu, Laurent; Saint-Pé, Olivier; Patra, Prabir K.; Dostál, Michal; Suchánek, Jan; Nevrlý, Václav; Zwaaftink, Christine Groot (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    The Monitoring Nitrous Oxide Sources (MIN2OS) satellite project aims at monitoring global-scale nitrous oxide (N2O) sources by retrieving N2O surface fluxes from the inversion of space-borne N2O measurements that are ...

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